BESPOKE Plüsch Geweih Earrings

BESPOKE Plüsch Geweih Earrings


You can now order a custom-made plush creature from the Plüsch Geweih collection! 


Step 1. Choose your preferred Earring Style/Shape (depicted in the photographs above)

Step 2. Choose your preferred colour 


Production Time: It takes us between 2 to 3 weeks to make these pieces, depending on how busy we are. If your order is urgent, please contact us first and we will come back with a more specific time frame.


*Please note that your earrings may slightly differ as each of them is handmade in our studio.

*The prices vary between 60 to 80 Euro/pair, please check the price after you selected style and colour.




The body of the earring is made out of hallmarked sterling silver, partly covered by a velvety texture. The “velvet” is made out of epoxy resin and tiny nylon fibres. In order to prevent tarnishing, the silver is plated with a thin layer of clear ceramic.


About the collection:


  “Plüsch Geweih” (Plush Antler) is a natural transformation of the previous “Frühlings Geweih” (Spring Antler) collection. It represents a precious metal preservation and exploration of deer antlers, trying to display the beauty of natural details and making the ephemeral relics, durable, wearable, precious and contemporary.

   The thin layer of velvet is inspired by the way these antlers are growing each year, being initially protected by a velvety membrane, which falls off eventually, uncovering the bone structure. This process of transformation, from velvet to bone, to wax, to silver is mainly created through the lost wax casting technique. This approach allows one to make wax models that can be manipulated and reworked to create one-of-a-kind pieces. Thousands of nylon fibres are applied to the sterling silver bodies in order to create this velvet. This juxtaposition of texture and materials gives the piece an unusual tactile quality and a contemporary look.


  • Hallmarked Sterling Silver;
  • Handmade in our Studio;
  • Dimensions: Style 1 ~34/10mm, Style 2 ~30/25mm; Style 3 ~25/10mm; Style 4 ~20/10mm
  • Weight/single earring: Style 1 ~5gm; Style 2 ~8gm; Style 3 ~4gm; Style 4 ~2.4gm. 
  • The silver is plated with a thin, clear layer of ceramic protection against tarnishing;
  • Making time: between 2-3 weeks;


For any other questions please don't hesitate to contact us via a message directly on the website,  e-mail or phone call at +40 730069503 (Monday to Friday, Between 10.00 - 17.00, GMT+3)

  • Delivery

    Personalised Plüsch Earrings are made in 14-21 days and afterwards shipped as follows:

    • Baia Mare: free personal delivery, within 24 hours, Monday to Friday.

    • Romania: by courier, 1-3 working days, 4 €

    • EU countries: by courier, 3-10 working days, 15 €

    • UK: by courier, 3-10 working days, 15 €

    • For urgent orders or more specific delivery information, please contact us by phone +40730069503 or by e-mail,